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Mountaineering & Ice Climbing

There is nothing quite like the magnificent White Mountains of New Hampshire in the winter time. Whether you’re a seasoned winter sports enthusiast or just looking to try a new winter sport, this is your ideal winter location. There is a variety of things to do: ice climbing, mountaineering, cross-country skiing, or downhill skiing. Beginner to advanced, we can custom plan a true winter adventure for you.

Pure concentration on vertical ice

Ice Climbing

Mount Washington and the surrounding valley is home to world-class ice climbing. Learn the basics or climb a classic route with our expert guides. Once you feel the thrill of swinging an ice tool and hearing the thud of it sticking into solid ice, you’ll be hooked for a lifetime.

Mount Washington Summit Climb

A true classic winter adventure is a summit climb of Mount Washington. It can be done as a one-day climb or a more relaxed two-day climb.

Here is what you will learn:

  • the basics of proper crampon and ice axe use

  • how to take care of yourself in cold weather

  • how to use these new skills to manage winter conditions

  • how to move efficiently and safely in the mountains

Tagging the summit of Mount Washington in winter is truly a badge of honor.