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Machu Picchu October 2019

Dispatch #4

Lots has happened in the last two days. Both the train and the trekking group met at Machu Picchu. The train group arrived first and hiked to the SunGate to wait for the trekkers. Even the grandchildren made the hour hike up the steep hill to surprise their grandparents. It was a fun and emotional reunion. We took lots of pictures and started down to the Machu Picchu site for more pictures. It’s nice to visit the area later in the day when there are fewer tourists. We nearly had Machu Picchu to ourselves. It was late so we exited the site and took the bus ride down to the small mountain town called Aguas Calientes. We had a festive dinner with everyone before heading to bed.

Today was an early start so we could climb Wayna Picchu, the cone-shaped mountain that you see in all the pictures. The grandparents stayed behind to watch the small children and the rest of the group did the climb. It was an extraordinary view from the top looking down on Machu Picchu. It definitely pushed the limits of some physically, and they now have a new perspective on what is possible.

We had a delicious lunch and thanked our local guides who made it all possible.

We’re now on the Vistadome train heading back to Cusco, one of the most scenic train rides in the world.

Tonight we’re in Cusco again and tomorrow we sadly will say goodbye to our new and old friends. The WAG family continues to grow.

It’s been a great trip and thanks for following along.

All good things,

The WAG Team

Dispatch #3

Sorry for the delay. Clouds and remoteness don’t always make for good communication in the mountains. Both the trekking group and train group have been having a few days of adventures. The trekking group are doing well and everyone is in good spirits. They had a spell of rain in the first half of the day, but the afternoon was dry. Tomorrow they will trek to Machu Picchu.

The train group has been in Cusco enjoying city life. Everyone has been touring various famous places in Cusco - the city market, the Temple of the Sun, the town square, and the Inca area that over looks the city called Sacsayhuaman. The highlight was an excursion to Rainbow Mountain at 16,500 feet. A truly spectacular place to visit when the conditions are right.

Tomorrow the train group will train to Aguas Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu and meet up with the trekkers. I’m sure everyone, both the trekkers and trainers, have many stories to tell when we meet up.

Best to everyone back home.

The WAG Team.

Dispatch #2

Today the trekkers started their four day trek to Machu Picchu. The non trekkers had a more leisurely morning. We all wish the trekkers well and looking forward to seeing them again in few day at Machu Picchu.

The non trekkers spend the day touring the Inca Ruins of Moray. A visibly stunning place. Our guide Henry had us walk with our eyes on the ground until we were near the railing and then we allowed to look up and see the circular bowl shaped ruins. It was an awesome way to see them for the first time. You can see the pictures included.

This afternoon we drive into the village of Misminay. We had a musical welcome and given traditional clothes to wear. Afterwards the villagers and us visitors did a dance together. Everyone in both groups had to introduce themselves and tell everyone hello, our name, our age, where we were from, our marital status, and say whether or not we had children. Thank goodness for the translator. Then a warm traditional lunch was served. After lunch we had a demonstration of how the beautiful fabrics are made. Tonight everyone was paired up with a family for our overnight sleeping arrangements.

The trekkers had a great day and are now at camp enjoying a much welcome dinner. Their spirits are high and everyone is healthy and looking for to a well earned sleep tonight. Tomorrow they have a longer day over a several high passes.

Well, that’s another exciting day in the WAG family. Thanks for following along.

Dispatch #1


We are now on day two of our Peruvian adventure. Everyone arrived in Cusco yesterday in good spirits even though several were without luggage. Most wandered around taking in the sites and a few napped. The ballers were wise!

Cusco is a stunningly beautiful city with small narrow stone streets and Incan and Spanish architecture. It is most charming and welcoming.

We have two groups on this trio. Half will do the trek and the other half will do day tours and then train to Machu Picchu. We are all together now but tomorrow we will separate and meet again at Machu Picchu.

Last evening we had a briefing with our local guides. Afterward we had a very nice welcoming dinner and four people received the coveted set of steak knives for having done three trip with WAG. It was a joke that started years ago on a climbing trip when several folks asked what they get after multiple trips. We agreed three trips deserved steak knives, five trips a toaster oven, and ten trips a portable black & white tv.

I’ll have to admit that we were all deep into a bottle of whiskey when this tradition started. After dinner everyone headed back to to the hotel to finish packing and get a good night’s rest.

Today we are touring the Sacred Valley and the Inca ruins in the village of Pisca with a stop to wander through a market with traditional Peruvian crafts and clothes. Tonight we will be in the town of Ollantaytambo, another charming town at the base of exceedingly impressive Inca ruins. We’ll keep you posted as we move along. Hello and much love to friends and family. Thanks for following along.

The WAG Team